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    Welcome to Weiersi Knitting
    Haining Weiersi Knitting Co.,Ltd is a joint venture which professionally produces the socks and stockings. The company is located in Haining Economy Development Park , with is 120 km from Shanghai and 50 km from Hangzhou. It is very convenient for traffic and transportation to the company.
    Weiersi registerd for USD 5.18 millions and total investment amout of the company is USD 10 million. The occupies 13,388 square meters and the construction are 18,300 square meters. There are 260 workers in the company, including 45 qualified technique engineers and 30 conductors in producing management.
    The major production of the company are the cotton/spandex socks and stockings, which can adapts to different consumers in more than 300 different patterns, such as gental socks, baby socks, sport socks and so on. And what the most famous socks Weiersi produces now is the micro fibre socks. Since Weiersi is able to conrrol the accurate colour dyeing and finishing quality by their own marketing. Currently the company owns 320 sets of Taiwan Dakong machines and Korean Brother machines in socks knitting and full equipments of different kinds of testing, such as colour fastness testing, wet crocking testing, yarn strengrh testing and so on. The capacity of the company is 30,000,000 pairs per year. The total value of the production is RMB 110 miLLions and the tax is 7.5 million per year.
    Weiersi focuses on the honest and high quality controlling in the whole business cooperations. And it was named as “integrity entnrprise” and “good credit of keeping contract enterprise”. The company has passed the Target,Kmart-Sears,Costco,GAP,Jcpenner,Mervyns,Hbi,PVH and other customer audits and WRAP,BSCI system certification. Many of the products are exported to USA, Canada, France, Sweden and Australia etc.
    Weiersi will continue to strive for excellence in high quality controlling, fashion design, qualified knitting and on time deliverying to satisfty all the merchants and consumers.
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